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SkyBitz improves trailer tracking systems

SkyBitz, provider of Global Locating System (GLS) trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry, has added three enhancements to its systems portfolio. These new features are designed to heighten security and increase operational efficiencies for carriers of all sizes.

  • Event Notification adds an extra layer of security and accountability to the SkyBitz real-time asset monitoring capabilities by instantly triggering an e-mail alert when it detects a situation that needs attention. Users can program alerts for when a trailer door is opened, when cargo has been added to or removed from a trailer, or when a trailer has been idle for a specified period of time. Fleets can also use the system to alert a customer that a trailer has been sitting for more than its contracted time and detention billing is beginning.

  • RouteFence, used in conjunction with Event Notification, increases security by sending instant e-mail alerts when a trailer deviates from its defined route. RouteFence lets the user draw a route and set the boundaries by specifying a series of points and then monitor where the trailer is along that route at any given time.

  • Polygonal Landmark enables users to create irregularly shaped boundaries with up to 20 points to more precisely define a landmark and pinpoint the location of their trailers. This feature can also be used in tandem with Event Notification to trigger alerts on pre-defined events within the “landmark.”

E-mail Roni Taylor at [email protected] for further details.

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