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Oregon launches B2 biodiesel requirement

Oregon’s 2% biodiesel (B2) requirement has gone into effect as of August 5, making it the third state supporting increased reliance on the cleaner-burning, domestically produced fuel. Oregon’s biodiesel production capacity has reached five million gallons, which triggered the requirement.

Established as part of renewable energy legislation passed in 2007, nine counties in northwest Oregon led the adoption August 5. The rest of the state will join by October 1.

Minnesota was the first state to enact a B2 requirement. In May, it was increased to B5. Washington state currently has a B2 requirement in place. Massachusetts will require diesel and home heating oil sold in the state to contain 2% biodiesel starting July 1, 2010. Pennsylvania also has a B2 requirement on the books, scheduled to be implemented January 1, 2010.

Biodiesel already has a significant presence in Oregon. The state is home to three biodiesel plants: Beaver Biodiesel in Albany, Green Fuels of Oregon in Klamath Falls, and SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel in Salem. Also, biodiesel is a key part of Portland’s strategy to keep it as one of the greenest cities in the world. The city has used a minimum of 20% biodiesel in its fleet of several hundred diesel vehicles since 2004.

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