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InterBulk Group adds 200 bulk boxes

InterBulk Group plc is expanding its fleet with the acquisition of 200 new 30-foot bulk boxes from Container Leasing (UK) Ltd, designer and supplier of specialist European container equipment.

Fitted with one-trip flexi-liners to ensure maximum product integrity, the bulk boxes will be used for new and existing InterBulk customers to supply polymers to the chemical industry, as well as to transport food industry ingredients.

Developed jointly by technical specialists at InterBulk and Container Leasing (UK), the latest design will aid many aspects of filling, transport, and discharge.

The new equipment will also feature the new InterBulk logo and livery, developed to support the group's recent re-branding. Formerly known as InterBulk Investments, the group assumed its current name in autumn 2007 after the acquisition of specialist bulk box operator UBC in March 2007.

The new name will now be incorporated into the group's three operating companies — United Transport Tankcontainers BV, UBC, and InBulk Technologies — to present a single corporate identity.

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