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DOT issues warning about fraudulent letters

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is alerting companies, shippers, contractors, and potential DOT contractors that fraudulent letters, or facsimile letters (often signed by an individual claiming to be a senior DOT procurement official), are being sent out that request the recipient to perform some type of action involving the submission of business sensitive financial information.

DOT said the most recent fraudulent facsimile letter it is aware of is dated February 7, 2008, and is signed: "Bradley K Wash, Senior Procurement Officer."

DOT is warning that all of these types of letters are fraudulent. "Do not release any information to the facsimile numbers cited in these letters," DOT stated in its warning. "Also do not provide any data to any Web site links that may be referenced in these letters."

Anyone receiving such letters should contact DOT, Office of the Inspector General Hotline at [email protected] or telephone 800-424-9071.

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