Westmor RailLoadingArm

Westmor designs rail loading arm with few moving parts

Westmor Industries manufactures rail loading arms for LP-gas and anhydrous ammonia transfer operations. The design features a reduction in the 90° swivels and only one 45° swivel, creating a less restricted flow, which generates a higher capacity flow rate.

The loading arm comes pre-assembled for easy installation. Built with one swivel for low maintenance, the unit swings out over a rail tankcar and back for storage.

For safety, the rail loading arms are designed with few moving parts and no spring tensioning. The unit’s emergency shut-off valve (ESV) is compliant with NFPA code.

The arms require minimum maintenance, needing greasing only once a year. Westmor offers 5- and 10-year maintenance programs for the hoses.

For more information, access http://westmor-ind.com/terminal/rail-loading-arms/

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