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Chris Nordh, Ryder's senior director of advanced vehicle technologies and energy products, recently accepted a Green Fleet Award for Ryder’s efforts in helping companies transition to zero-emission electric fleets.

Ryder receives 2018 Green Fleet Award for pursuing zero-emission commercial vehicles

Ryder System Inc has received the 2018 Green Fleet Award in the “special” category from the Sacramento (California) Clean Cities Coalition, a government-industry partnership designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector.

“Our goal is to make a broad range of zero-emission light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles available for rent, lease, and sale,” said Chris Nordh, Ryder senior director of advanced vehicle technologies and energy products. “We want to help fleets move to these new, innovative technologies and maximize their inherent efficiencies, while reducing the level of risk companies would normally have to shoulder alone. Ryder’s advanced technology vehicles allow companies to do what’s right for their customers and for the environment.”

Ryder has strategically partnered with several electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, such as California-based Chanje and Ohio-based Workhorse, acting as the exclusive distribution and service provider for light- and medium-duty electric trucks.

“These vehicles fit best where they are needed the most - in highly populated urban areas, where pollution and noise are a mounting concern,” Nordh said. “Replacing a diesel truck with an electric vehicle can save as much CO2 emissions as 20 acres of US forest would absorb in one year.”

The Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition recognized Ryder as a 2018 Green Fleet Award winner during the NorCal Clean Fleet Expo, which was held at the McClellan Convention Center in McClellan Park CA.

“The Board is impressed with the amazing work that Ryder is doing to make it possible for fleets to move to zero-emission vehicles with less risk,” said Tim Taylor, Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition executive director. “Ryder is truly a leader in this arena.”

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