ACT Research says Class 8 natural gas truck retail sales up 9% YTD through November 2017

Jan. 28, 2018
ACT Research says Class 8 natural gas truck retail sales up 9% YTD through November 2017

After a flat quarter in Q3, US and Canadian natural gas Class 8 truck retail sales rose 9% year-to-date through November 2017.

“Despite the uncertainty spurred by the current climate of changing environmental winds and low oil prices, the reading indicates continued interest in natural gas as a transportation fuel in the US Class 8 market,” said Ken Vieth, senior partner and general manager at ACT Research. “Based on news released in the popular press, natural gas vehicle purchases continued to be dominated by refuse fleets through year-to-date November, as well as transit and school bus operators.”

On the other side of the alternative fuel fence, electric vehicle technology continues to make strides as it further penetrates the various commercial vehicle classifications, with Class 8 on the docket. “All viable commercial vehicle power alternatives must now be considered to accurately measure potential cost savings for fleets and overall emissions, as we look to the future,” Vieth said.

In mid-August, ACT Research announced a new alternative fuels calculator, now giving users the opportunity to compare cost per mile for diesel, electric, hydrogen fuel cell, gasoline, propane, and natural gas powered vehicles. The enhanced calculator was designed for fleet managers to easily compare any of the above mentioned fuels, using parameters specific to their particular application, geography, contracted fuel rates, and financing and maintenance preferences.

ACT is a neutral participant in the CV industry, as is the truck fuel calculator. Free, unlimited use of this tool is available by clicking on:

Looking farther afield, ACT Research has initiated an “Electrification Study” for GVW Classes 4-8. New members are encouraged to join the study. For information on this project can be found at