D2G delivers dual-fuel Cascadia trucks to Foodliner

May 28, 2014

Diesel 2 Gas Inc (D2G), Fitzgerald Glider Kits, and Agility Fuel Systems have teamed to build the first Freightliner Cascadia Trucks to run on dual-fuel. The first trucks are being delivered to bulk food hauler Foodliner Inc.

These trucks are enabled to run on up to 60% CNG and 40% diesel with the D2G DualFlex+ system and equipped with Agility Fuel System CNG tanks. Foodliner will operate the five sleeper cab trucks providing a significant carbon footprint reduction to meet the goals of its customer.

The Cascadia aerodynamic design, together with the fuel efficiency of the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, should result in the best mileage per gallon, for 500-horsepower trucks, ever to be released on US roads, according to D2G officials. The 60% gas substitution will result in one of the lowest fuel cost trucks in America while maintaining all of the original diesel performance. The D2G DualFlex+ system defaults to 100% diesel in the absence of gas, allowing these trucks full diesel fuel redundancy. This full diesel fuel security opens the road to many carriers that may have been reluctant to switch to 100% natural gas vehicles.

“We have created a new class 8 truck product built from a new aerodynamic truck chassis, with the industry’s leading engine,” says Elio Muller, chief executive officer of Diesel 2 Gas Inc. “By incorporating, the best CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel storage system, and the most proven dual-fuel system, we have created a truck that delivers everything our customer Foodliner demands for saving fuel cost, and it furthers Cargill’s mandate to lower its carbon footprint, all while maintaining the performance and fuel security of diesel. ”

The five Cascadia’s are equipped with D2G’s integrated electronic cruise control which is also an industry leading feature that differentiates them from any other dual fuel trucks.