ABC launches Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles North American Congress

Aug. 2, 2012
Fluctuating oil prices have clearly highlighted the traditional dependency of North American fleet operators on imported crude oil

Fluctuating oil prices have clearly highlighted the traditional dependency of North American fleet operators on imported crude oil. However, large domestic shale discoveries mean that natural gas is now a commercially viable alternative fuel costing up to $2 per gallon less than diesel. Should this trend continue, there are significant cost savings to be made for national fleet operators in running natural gas vehicles.

The latest developments and trends in natural gas as a vehicle fuel will be addressed in new conference developed by American Business Conferences, which has a wealth of experience in the automotive and energy industries. The conference ‘Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles North American Congress 2012’ will take place October 23-24 at the Renaissance Houston Greenway Plaza Hotel, Houston TX. Not just an industry get-together, this is a commercially driven, solutions-based initiative, providing the most comprehensive analysis of natural gas vehicles to date, and showcasing over 20 National Fleet Operators, all successful early adopters of this technology, to give delegates a true and measurable picture of the costs, initial strategies and practical, day to day operational issues related to using natural gas as a fleet fuel.

Fleet-operator-led agenda of experts include:

*Mike DelBovo, president, Saddle Creek Transportation

*Tim Conlon, president, California Yellow Cab

*Kenneth Jack, vice-president-fleet operations, Verizon

*Kenneth Miller, vice-president of intermodal transportation, J B Hunt

*Charles Musgrove, vice-president, Dillon Transport

*Eric Woods, vice-president, fleet & logistics, Waste Management

*Joe Shefchik, vice-president-sales and solutions, Paper Transport

*Chris Trajkovski, national fleet sustainability senior manager, Frito-Lay

*John Erwin, director of transportation, Saddle Creek Transportation

*Marty Tufte, fleet director Western Group, Waste Management

*Chuck Diehl, trucking fleet manager, Smith Dairy

*Yves Maurais, engineering manager, Robert Transport

*Fortunato Gulino, senior fleet engineer, Consolidated Edison New York

*Mark Smith, vehicle projects director-Clean Cities, US Department of Energy

Agenda Snapshot:

Day One opens with strategic insight from early technology adopters, as well as fleet operators considering natural gas introduction for the first time, before scrutinizing the comparative pros and cons of LNG and CNG by companies that have already made the choice themselves. Realistic expectations for vehicle performance will then be investigated including conversion technology, engine power, fuel economy, and range. The day will close with a revealing study of maintenance requirements and likely through life costs.

Day Two of the Congress focuses on the core concerns of infrastructure and strategic business considerations. The infrastructure focus will explore corporate views of infrastructure development, the differing private/partnership approaches to infrastructure development and finally support infrastructure requirements. The second half of the day will detail government financial support, regulatory requirements, safety education and finally analysis of the revenue generation opportunities associated with green fleet introduction.

To register or for more conference information, go to: For group registrations or to enquire about joining the Exhibitor Showcase at the Congress, please contact 800-721-3915 or [email protected]