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FuelMatrix targets tank truck emissions in U.S.

Aug. 30, 2022
Fuel technology company's Oxon2 fuel modifier helps bulk fleets reduce their carbon footprint, save fuel, and simplify aftertreatment maintenance, supporters say

FuelMatrix, which has its U.S. headquarters in Nevada, is targeting tank truck carriers for North American expansion of its Oxon2 fuel modifier, which the company says conserves fuel and reduces particulate matter, resulting in fewer diesel particular filter (DPF) cleanings.

One bulk hauler in Belgium, where FuelMatrix was founded, is a believer.

Interworks Trans owner Marjorie Weiss reports her company, which transports sugar to the Netherlands, Spain, and France, eliminated 50 tonnes (50 U.S. tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and burned 15% less fuel during the first three months of using Oxon2, helping her company meet a key threshold for Lean & Green emissions-reduction certification.

“One of our major customers in France issued us with a CO2 reduction requirement that we had to achieve in order to keep working for them,” Weiss said.

“Thanks to Oxon2 we were able to obtain our Lean & Green label.”

Now U.S. fleets can meet their mounting sustainability goals, too, insists FuelMatrix CEO Andrew Lowenstein.

“Oxon2 helps bulk transport fleets reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions,” Lowenstein told Bulk Transporter. “European fleets are already enjoying these benefits, and now U.S. bulk transport fleets can also experience reduced CO2, NOx (nitrogen oxide), and particulate-matter emissions to meet net-zero goals without any capital cost.”

Oxon2 is drop-in solution that is free of chemicals and detergents and works on a molecular level by enhancing combustion efficiency, according to FuelMatrix. Oxon2 reduces carbon output by up to 21%, NOx output by up to 60%, and soot formation by up to 90% in real-world conditions, and a laboratory test conducted by the University of California Riverside’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted FuelMatrix two patents covering the method and use of its Oxon2 product in 2018; and Lean & Green, a leading “green label” program in Europe and Canada, approved Oxon2 as a preferred solution for reducing carbon in March. “Oxon2 is a solution proposed by Lean & Green to its members in logistics for their carbon-reduction action plans,” said Luc Genot, who oversees Lean & Green Belgium.

“We identified three main advantages with Oxon2. First, it has an immediate impact, second, no (capital expenditure) is required, and third but not least, Oxon2 pays for itself and even generates substantial fuel savings.”

When blended with fuel in minuscule quantities, Oxon2 creates a stronger attraction between hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules, FuelMatrix explained. This attraction “speeds the flame” during combustion, improving effectiveness and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while also burning less fuel to produce the same power.

“Today’s fleets face many challenges in reducing their carbon footprint, and most solutions—such as electrification—are extremely expensive,” Lowenstein said. “Oxon2 reduces CO2-equivalent emissions of diesel and gasoline fleets by up to 21% with no net costs or capital expenditures. This is a major step in delivering low-carbon fuels.”

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