FTR, CKCVR publish comprehensive fleet maintenance benchmarking study

Feb. 15, 2017

FTR and CKCVR have released a new comprehensive benchmarking study covering fleet maintenance practices including PM intervals, maintenance and repair part and tire costs, preferences for maintenance providers and replacement part purchases.

In addition to the maintenance issues addressed in this report, it also includes valuable information regarding average age of vehicles, typical replacement cycles, and other details that may be useful as benchmarking tools for North American commercial truck fleets.

The data and analysis included in the 18-page report can be used broadly as a benchmarking tool for commercial vehicle fleets to determine how they measure up to other fleets with regard to their maintenance practices and to see how other similar operations handle these duties and contain the associated costs. The report provides separate data on Class 8 trucks, commercial trailers by segment, and Class 6-7 trucks. The report will be useful to all trucking fleets, but especially for fleets with limited in-house analytics capabilities.

Data was collected in 2016 by surveying 83 fleet maintenance executives from small, medium, and large for-hire and private fleets. In total, the respondents are responsible for the operation and maintenance of 64,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks (primarily Class 8) and 120,000 trailers. All duty cycles, vehicle brands, types of trailers, and age of equipment were represented in the survey results.

The report is being offered at a discounted price to eligible North American fleet operations.

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