Latest ATA American Trucking Trends shows trucking’s strength

April 18, 2012
The release of the 2012 edition of ATA American Trucking Trends by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), now available for sale through ATA Business Solutions, shows that trucking continues to be the dominant mode of freight transportation and an integral part of the US economy

Hoyer is extending the range of services it offers in France. It now is not only renting intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to its customers, but also providing the entire logistics package for these small-scale containers. Its activities will be managed from Lyon.

“IBCs are already well-established in France,” said Gilles Lemaitre, Hoyer’s new area sales manager in Lyon. “However, until now the IBC business here has been limited to rentals. Hoyer, by contrast, can in addition perform the entire logistics involved and, as part of its fleet management service, it also looks after the operation of customer-owned IBCs, which means we combine high-quality transport with economy—all from a single source.”

The portfolio of services also covers all workshop operations, including legally required follow-up examinations and cleaning. The latter can be done at Hoyer’s depot in Rouen, which has a modern, high-throughput washing facility.

“Our full-service offer means that customers can lower their logistics overheads substantially,” said Lemaitre. In his new position, the Hoyer manager will be drawing on his experience in the packaging industry for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Hoyer leads the field in the European IBC market with a total of 20,000 units. Its own IBC fleet consists mainly of standardized types. These IBCs with a capacity of between 500 and 1,000 liters are used to transport and store liquid products. They can be provided with special coatings and heating systems, and they can be licensed for use with hazardous products. They are used—strictly separately—to transport chemicals and food.