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G&D Integrated expanding warehousing into Southeast US

Nov. 21, 2019
G&D Integrated plans to provide warehousing services to the Southeast region of the US.

G&D Integrated, a specialized provider of transportation and logistics services, plans to provide warehousing services to the Southeast region of the US.

The company says the expansion paves the way for new warehouses in Charleston SC and Greer SC. Charleston is the ninth largest port in the US and has doubled container volumes over the past decade. South Carolina Ports Authority operates oceanside terminals in Charleston and extended its reach inland in 2013 with the opening of Inland Port Greer, which provides overnight rail service to the Port of Charleston.

G&D Integrated plans to provide key warehousing services that include storage, distribution and transloading, in addition to automotive assembly services, the company maintained. The goal of expansion in the region is to meet the growing need for warehousing to a variety of industries, including automotive, consumer goods and manufacturing.

“Expanding our logistics services to align with our current transportation capabilities in the Southeast has been a strategic goal for G&D for some time,” said Curt Fisher, vice president of client relations and marketing at G&D. “As we’ve developed relationships with South Carolina Ports Authority and other customers in the area, we feel the time to move forward is now.

“We will continue to build what our namesake suggests—fully integrated supply chain and logistics services that include transportation, warehousing and manufacturing capabilities.”

For more information on the company's warehousing services in the Southeast, visit gdintegrated.com/charleston-sc-warehousing.