American PetroLog ISO container

American PetroLog expands into domestic ISO tanks

Oct. 26, 2017
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American PetroLog LLC has announced an investment in a fleet of domestic ISO tank containers that can provide a cost effective transportation and storage solution to agricultural and chemical manufacturers and distributors.

American PetroLog's Chief Relationship Officer Robert Kellner said: "With the continued growth in the North American chemical industry and the diminishing availability of tanker trucks, our ISO tanks provide a much needed capacity solution to our customers having predictable and consistent shipping lanes.

"Our ISO service gives chemical and ag manufacturers and distributors what they expect and deserve from their logistics partner--reliability, predictability, innovation, cost effectiveness, and safety."

American PetroLog is focused on solving the complex supply chain challenges of customers. Service offerings include nationwide logistics services, supply chain management, and dedicated trucking fleets. In the Dallas-Ft Worth TX area they have a BNSF-served transloading and storage facility. Company locations include Philadelphia PA, Asheville NC, Baton Rouge and Lafayette LA, Cincinnati OH, and Houston and Venus TX.