OPW develops game-changing LYNX coupler for bulk terminals

May 25, 2016

OPW Engineered Systems, part of OPW's Fluid segment within Dover Corporation, has added the LYNX coupler to its complete line of terminal solution offerings. Based on OPW Engineered Systems' existing couplers, LYNX incorporates a U-pin design that enables an operator to disassemble the coupler in a matter of seconds.

"A single coupler might be responsible for the transfer of millions of gallons of fluid, so you want to shorten the service cycle as much as possible," said Dave Morrow, director of products for OPW Engineered Systems. "LYNX does just that. With a simple pull, the U-pin design enables the operator to gain access to the internal components, perform maintenance and quickly put the coupler back in service."

In addition to allowing fast disassembly, the U-pin does not require any special tools. "LYNX is the only coupler that gives you the ability to quickly take it apart with just a flat-head screwdriver," Morrow said. 

Each LYNX coupler comes with a five-year warranty and according to Morrow, "LYNX is meant to be a long-term solution at the loading terminal. From extending the life of the wave spring to being able to handle surge pressures up to 500 psi, we engineered LYNX to last a very long time."    

OPW Engineered Systems is currently taking orders for the LYNX coupler and offers a wide range of sealing options. For full product specifications or download a product brochure, visit the LYNX product page.

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