Hydra offers new system for heating intermodal tanks

June 1, 2016

Hydra Industries Group has announced immediate availability of the Hydra ISO-Manifold, enabling the owners of transloading facilities at rail, over-the-road, and marine terminals to immediately upgrade to the most advanced method of heating and remote monitoring access to and control of their products in ISO tank containers.

“This system’s ability is a large step forward for terminals and facilities that are responsible for transporting and maintaining the availability of their customer’s products,” said Michael Hoffman, president at Hydra Industries Group. 

The Hydra ISO-Manifold will enable facilities to heat and control up to 10 ISO tank containers at once from anywhere in the world with a simple cellular or internet connection to access and control the heating conditions and needs of each tank individually, rather than paying employees to “watch the water boil!”

Typically, ISO containers are heated with steam boilers in multiples through a header system but they are heated at the same temperature level and usually contain the same or very similar products that require target temperatures that are, relatively, the same. Steam boilers require a regular amount of maintenance, daily inspections by an engineer, a substantial capital investment for their initial purchase.

Hydra ISO-Manifold is a solution developed through customer feedback and is part of Hydra Industries Group’s commitment to deliver the latest market innovations in one convenient product adaptation. Hydra ISO-Manifold is available for review and fabrication at http://www.Hydra.Industries.