Emco Wheaton loading arms play key role in first US crude oil shipment in 40 years

Jan. 27, 2016

Emco Wheaton loading arms were instrumental in the transfer of the first shipment of US crude oil for export in 40 years, in which the Greek oil tanker Theo T was loaded on New Year’s Eve by NuStar Energy LP at its North Beach Terminal at Port Corpus Christi TX. The oil shipment was bound for Europe.

Transfer of the crude oil at NuStar Energy’s North Beach Terminal was accomplished using three Emco Wheaton marine loading arms, according to Emco Wheaton officials.   

To cost effectively and safely supply crude oil to the global market, Nustar Energy LP made significant investments in its Corpus Christi terminal operations in 2014 with the purchase of new equipment. The addition of a state-of-the-art metering system, vapor control system, and a dock structure with three marine loading arms from Emco Wheaton were integral in Nustar’s ability to load export-size cargoes at a rate of 30,000 barrels per hour.

Emco Wheaton vice-President and General Manager Michael O’Neil said: “It’s a great achievement for Emco Wheaton marine loading arms (MLA) to play such an important role in US history and we are proud to be a part. The company has an enviable track record of providing MLAs to our clients that enhance the ease, safety and efficiency of their dock operations while at the same time meeting the highest standards of the oil & gas industry.”

Emco Wheaton designs and manufactures a wide range of highly engineered MLAs to load and unload almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers. The complete MLA package for NuStar was designed and manufactured at Emco Wheaton’s custom built plant in Kirchhain, Germany, the company’s MLA engineering and technology hub.

Emco Wheaton is part of Gardner Denver Energy.