Emco Wheaton marine loading arms will boost throughput for oil company

May 6, 2014

Emco Wheaton is set to complete the design, manufacture, and delivery of 11 Marine Loading Arms (MLAs) for a major US based Oil Company. The loading arms will be installed in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Illinois and will see barge throughput double compared to current levels.
The order is part of an ongoing success story for Emco Wheaton which has seen other large product wins confirmed with Suncor, Invista, and Crosstex energy. The company has seen the manufacture of MLAs return to its Houston TX facility which has reduced lead times, lowered shipping costs, and is ensuring that a local team is always on hand to offer advice or help with products.
Emco Wheaton designs and manufactures a wide range of highly engineered MLAs to load and unload almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers.
With an enhanced sales and distribution process, alongside continual improvements to the company’s service offering and the large order from Marathon, Emco Wheaton looks perfectly placed to re-establish its position as the global leader in an industry in which it has delivered 100 years of success.