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SafeRack, Newson Gale joining forces to highlight grounding safety

July 29, 2020
Companies designate August as Grounding Safety Month to promote static electricity awareness in truck loading

SafeRack, a provider of industrial loading safety equipment, recently teamed up with static control leader Newson Gale to designate August as Grounding Safety Month.

When loading petrochemical or other combustible materials, static electricity safety and the importance of vehicle grounding cannot be overemphasized, SafeRack said. Careful precautions must be taken to assess risk and avoid accidents. SafeRack and Newson Gale make it easier with technologically advanced verification and monitoring systems to help boost safety and productivity.

Now the two companies are joining forces to highlight the importance of developing comprehensive grounding safety plans.

Newson Gale offers a range of products aimed at protecting people, facilities and the environment from the dangers of uncontrolled electrostatic ignition. And Jason Wilder, SafeRack vice president of marketing, emphasizes the importance of accurate risk assessment for businesses in the loading industry.

“Our collaboration with Newson Gale is a step in the right direction toward ensuring the safety of truck and rail loading operators,” Wilder said. “Businesses in this sector are well aware of the potential hazards. What they are often missing is the confidence of knowing their grounding safety plan is comprehensive and thorough.”

Steven Connallon, Newson Gale’s sales director, concurs.

“We’ve developed our products with NFPA 77 Recommended Practice as our driving force,” he said.

Newson Gale also helps businesses assess their Hazardous Area Static Control Risk through on-site educational seminars, where they offer solutions to address risk. The company says its wide range of grounding safety products are certified by CSA and FM, and rated for Hazardous and Classified Areas.

“We help customers understand what their risk is and what solutions they need to keep every application safe,” Connallon concluded.

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