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Cliff Viessman Inc will acquire Johnsrud Transport Inc

Sept. 19, 2018
Cliff Viessman Inc will acquire Johnsrud Transport Inc

Cliff Viessman Inc, a diversified foodgrade transportation company, headquartered in Gary SD and Johnsrud Transport Inc, a Des Moines IA-based bulk liquid foodgrade transportation services company, announced the recent execution of binding agreements representing the merger of their respective businesses.

Going forward the companies will continue to operate under their respective trade names of Viessman and Johnsrud in order to recognize the industry leading brands their respective companies hold.

The combination of Johnsrud with Viessman will allow the businesses to continue to build upon their joint legacy of service, which will continue to be driven by true long-term partnerships with their employees, customers, and vendors.

The combined businesses will serve all lower 48 States and Canada. Viessman hauls a variety of tanker products, in addition to having live bottom, pneumatic and auger trailers and being involved in the reefer industry. Viessman holds 11 terminals among six Midwest states and will add Johnsrud’s three terminal facilities in the Midwest.

Johnsrud will continue to serve its existing customer base under the Johnsrud Transport brand, and all Johnsrud employees will retain their employment under the new partnership. Jackie Johnsrud will remain chief executive officer.

Wayne Viessman, chief executive officer of Cliff Viessman Inc, said. “We are thrilled to join forces with Johnsrud Transport, one of the most respected competitors in foodgrade bulk liquid transportation for generations. Our respective cultures are very similar, and can be summed up with the fact that both of our businesses succeed when we strive to focus on the needs of our customers and their own success--this is the foundation of our business and will continue to be so. We look forward to integrating their entire team into the Viessman family.”

Jackie Johnsrud, President of Johnsrud, said: “Since my father Leon’s founding of Johnsrud Transport over 50 years ago, our family and our employees have strived to build the nation’s leading tank carrier in the eyes of our customers and the employees that service them each and every day. We believe we have found an ideal partner in the Viessman family.”

The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Advisors for Johnsrud Transport Inc: Financial Advisor--NCP, Inc; Accounting/Tax Advisor—RSM; Legal Advisor--Davis Law Firm

Advisors for Cliff Viessman Inc: Accounting/Tax Advisor--Lawrence Cumpston & Associates; Legal Advisor--Stoneberg, Giles & Stroup PA.