A&R Logistics named dedicated carrier for United Sugars in Montgomery IL

July 27, 2016

A&R Logistics was selected by United Sugars Corporation as the dedicated carrier for its new sugar-transfer facility in Montgomery IL.

The $40 million facility, called the United Sugars Sugar Dome, will commence operations in later 2016. With 50,000 square feet of space, it will be the largest single sugar-transfer facility in the United States, according to United Sugars officials. After a comprehensive review, which included several established leaders in food transport, United Sugars chose A&R Logistics as its single transport solution.

“They made a compelling case,” said Matt Wineinger, president of United Sugars. “A&R works for some of the largest and most demanding manufacturers in North America, continually meeting exceptionally high standards for service, safety, purity and on-time delivery. That’s precisely what we need and what our customers deserve.”

A&R will have a completely dedicated fleet of tractors and pneumatic trailers for United Sugars. Unlike many carriers, A&R also operates a logistics network that includes 800 trucks, 1,700 rail spots, 23 terminals, and 1.7 million square feet of warehousing space.

“Because of our deep experience in logistics, we understand the importance of integration and have the expertise to make the process seamlessly and uniquely efficient,” said A&R President Richard Mitchell.

Mark Holden, A&R Logistics chief executive officer, said: “We’re expanding and diversifying. Having a completely dedicated fleet allows us to grow without compromising the service we provide to our existing customers.”

The new A&R Logistics sugar fleet will feature the latest tracking technology, providing United Sugars customers with real-time shipment status updates via text or email--a major selling point.