Chevron Corp, KAG Logistics, SC Fuels recognized with Veeder-Root Q Awards

April 22, 2015

Veeder-Root, a leading provider of hardware and fueling logistics applications, announced the winners of the annual Q Awards. The winners of this year's awards are Chevron Products, KAG Logistics, and SC Fuels.

Presented during GRAIL 2015, Veeder Root’s annual fuel industry and user conference, the Q Awards recognize suppliers that provide superior services and products to Insite360 FuelQuest's retail and commercial customers.

"The awards, now in their fourth year, are a benchmark for all of our supplier partners to aspire to,” says Ryan Mossman, senior director, managed services at Veeder-Root. "Each year we see many outstanding examples of suppliers and carriers providing excellent service to our customers. This year, these three stood out among the rest as having provided that level of service and we are pleased to recognize them for their achievements."

The following suppliers are this year's Insite360 FuelQuest’s Q Award winners:

• Carrier of the Year: KAG Logistics

KAG Logistics had the top all-around performance of carriers that worked with FuelQuest last year. KAG Logistics handled the greatest percentage of load shift requests, saving FuelQuest customers thousands in fuel costs, while maintaining category leading retain and run-out rates.

• Supplier of the Year--Delivered: SC Fuels

SC Fuels (a repeat winner in this category) posted excellent all-around numbers, in the categories of run-out, retain, and load shifting numbers, while maintaining an invoice accuracy rate of over 99.9% during 2014.

• Supplier of the Year--FOB Rack: Chevron Products

Chevron Products achieved an industry-leading invoice accuracy rate without having a single supply disruption event with sales of over $116M.

To determine the winners in each category, Veeder-Root analyzed a full year of carrier and supplier scorecard data within the Insite360 FuelQuest System. The scorecards track supply, dispatch, and delivery data for millions of fuel transactions. Based on categories such as load shifting, invoice accuracy, run-outs, retains, and delivery data, the winners were chosen amongst the vast network of almost 600 suppliers and carriers serving Veeder-Root’s retail and commercial customers.

Located in Houston TX, Veeder-Root FuelQuest LLC is the recognized provider of fuel logistics solutions for retail and commercial applications. Veeder-Root is a leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging, fuel management systems, and stage II vapor recovery solutions.