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ILTA celebrates 30th

May 1, 2010
Association throwing a party during annual operating conference, trade show in Houston, Texas

IT'S time for the Big Three Oh. But instead of mourning the loss of extended adolescence, the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) will celebrate the future that lies ahead during its 30th anniversary at the 2010 Annual International Operating Conference and Trade Show in Houston, Texas, from May 24-26.

The celebration will include a gala reception on Tuesday, May 25, from 6-10 pm on the second level of the George R Brown Convention Center. Attendees will enjoy a variety of food and beverages, listen to great music, and catch up with old friends.

Oh, and prepare to laugh, and perhaps even cry. In the months leading up to the event, ILTA solicited stories and pictures, whether they were from the trade show floor, golf tournament, or other ILTA conference events. A sampling of these funny and sentimental stories — involving friendships that were formed or other special memories — and photos will be shared.

A highlight of the week will be the presentation of Safety Awards at the Tuesday networking breakfast. ILTA will recognize selected companies for their outstanding safety performance records in 2009. Winners are selected based on their total reportable incident records as reported to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and based on their responses to a questionnaire designed by ILTA's Safety Award Program Committee.

ILTA's trade show in the Convention Center's Exhibit Hall E offers virtually unlimited opportunities to learn about the products and services that terminals need to stay competitive. Attendees can evaluate the vendors and find the best solutions at the best price. More than 240 companies will exhibit this year.

Keynote luncheon

Commander Kirk Lippold, USN (Ret.) — the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole when it came under a suicide terrorist attack by al-Qaida in the port of Aden, Yemen — will be the keynote speaker on Tuesday, May 25, from 11:30 am-1:15 pm.

During his command, he and his crew distinguished themselves by saving the American war ship from sinking. Through preparation and leadership, Commander Lippold inspired his crew to act decisively in the ultimate crisis situation when terrorists attacked.

Using the theme, “Leadership and Accountability When It Matters,” he will discuss how the privilege and burden of leadership comes with an accountability that many aspire to emulate and anyone can rise up to and achieve. He will describe the events of the morning that the ship was attacked and detail the steps he took to ensure the safety of his crew.

During his presentation, Lippold will identify the key principles of integrity-based leadership and speak about what leadership skills are the most crucial in a time of crisis. He will also discuss how managers can establish ways to empower their team when facing unexpected challenges.

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ILTA celebrates 30th...

The opening session features fire-protection expert David White, publisher of Industrial Fire World, who will discuss major storage-tank explosions and fires that have occurred in the past several years.

He will examine the causes that led to each accident and discuss the emergency response actions taken at each site, along with how current regulatory requirements and best practices in the United States might assist terminals in avoiding similar incidents.

After the opening session, conference attendees can choose among three one-hour breakout sessions that continue the theme of incident response. In the operations track, industrial firefighters will address emergency response issues and what terminals can do to prepare for and defend against a tank fire or explosion. In the business issues track, communications experts will offer practical guidance on how to handle the media in a crisis situation. In the EH&S track, an incident response firm will outline how terminals can address the operational challenges that occur when teams of regulators show up to investigate an incident.

Monday sessions

The first morning of the conference features:

  • One-hour breakout sessions from 10-11 am that continue the theme of incident response: “Working With the Emergency Responders,” Chauncey Naylor, Williams Fire and Hazard Control; “Effectively Handling the Media,” Terri Ammerman, The Ammerman Experience; and “Cooperating With the Regulators,” Neill Irvin, O'Brien's Response Management.

  • Three sessions from 11:05 am-12:05 pm: “The Buncefield Investigation Recommendations: Applying The Lessons Learned,” Frank Van Bekkum, Enraf; “Oil Market Trends and Their Impact on Terminals,” Andy Lipow, Lipow Oil Associates; and “Air Regulation Trends for Storage Tank Degassing, Cleaning and Refilling,” Blake Soyars, Sage Environmental.

  • Three sessions from 1:30-2:30 pm: “Tank Foundations and Bottoms: Perspectives on Engineering Design,” with moderator Alan Watson, AR Watson, and panel participants Wardlaw Witherspoon, IMTT; David Clark, Kinder Morgan; Hector Gonzalez, NuStar; and Alan Geis, Colonial Pipeline; “Environmental Due Diligence: Minimizing Risks and Protecting Your Company from Liability,” Gail Corrigan, Corrigan Consulting, Ragna Henrichs, Porter & Hedges, and Pete Buchler, Orion Marine Group; and “360-Degree Safety Leadership,” Britt Howard, Hess Corporation.

  • A session from 2:30-3:30 pm: “Reinforcing Hazard Recognition: A Layered Approach,” David Coble, Coble, Taylor & Jones Safety Associates.

  • Three sessions from 3:50-4:50 pm: “Selecting the Optimal Meter for your Terminal Application,” Joshua Rose, FMC Technologies; “Strategic Sourcing: Expand Your Buying Power,” Mike Burgett, NuStar Energy LP, and Bart Richards, The Claro Group; and “Terminal Security Regulation: New Issues, More Uncertainties,” Steve Roberts, Roberts Law Group.

Monday also includes a full-day track of sessions in Spanish. Beginning at 10 am, these presentations will focus on a variety of technical issues. This track will be an ideal opportunity for terminal owners and operators from Latin America to meet, network, and discuss operational challenges.

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ILTA celebrates 30th...

Tuesday sessions

The second morning of the conference features:

  • One-hour breakout sessions from 9:20-10:20 am: “Marine Terminal Maintenance Best Practices,” John Chapman, Ocean and Coastal Consultants, and Jim Osman, IMTT; and “Retaining Key Employees: Creating A Self-Motivating Work Environment,” Thomas Hudgin, Wilmington Quality Associates.

  • A session from 9:20-11:25 am: “Air Emissions 2010 Update,” Rob Ferry, The TGB Partnership.

  • Two sessions from 10:25-11:25 am: “SPCC Amendments: Tank Integrity Testing Requirements,” Mark Howard, EPA; and “Effective Leadership in Today's Multi-Generational Workplace,” Thomas Hudgin, Wilmington Quality Associates.

Tuesday, the trade show opens at 1:30 pm and continues through 6 pm. It gets underway again Wednesday at 9 am through 2 pm.

Post-conference workshops

  • Tuesday, May 25, from 2-5 pm: “Air Emissions-Loading Operations,” Rob Ferry, The TGB Partnership. This workshop will focus on air issues pertaining directly to loading operations. Companies that are modifying loading racks as required for compliance with the new GD GACT rule will not want to miss this.

  • Wednesday, May 26, from 8 am-5 pm, and Thursday, May 27, from 8 am-2 pm: “Advanced Tanks-Air Emissions,” Rob Ferry, The TGB Partnership. This course provides a detailed look into air emissions issues relating to the design, construction, and inspection of aboveground storage tanks. It will address regulatory compliance, emissions calculations, and recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Time will be provided for workshop attendees to visit the ILTA trade show floor on Wednesday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.

  • Wednesday, May 26, 8 am-5 pm: Facility Security Officer Training, Neill Irvin and Ric Walters, O'Brien's Response Management. This workshop is a comprehensive security training course that enables terminal owners and operators to fully comply with the Coast Guard Maritime Security training requirements in 33 CFR 105. The course will provide in-depth instruction on current regulations, security threats, access controls, and countermeasures relevant to maritime facilities. It is an ideal course for newly hired Facility Security Officers (FSO) and is an excellent review of security issues for all facility security personnel. Previously trained FSOs will benefit from attending to reinforce the information provided during prior training as well as learn about current security topics. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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ILTA Exhibitors

Booth# Company Name 344 24 Hr Safety LLC 720 AR Watson Inc 542 AC2 Inc 348 Advance Tank & Construction Co 755 Advanced Polymer Coatings 211 Allentech 849 Allesco 232 Allied Energy Corporation 816 Altus Energy Services 226 Amcorr Products and Services 317 American Heating Co Inc 345 American Tank & Vessel Inc 342 Ametek 455 Ansul Incorporated 143 Anton Paar 443 Apollo International Corp 941 Applus RTD 451 ARID Technologies Inc 453 ARTA 651 ATEC Steel Fab & Construction 903 AUMA Actuators Inc 311 Baker Tank Co/Altech 847 BakerCorp 905 BBB Tank Services Inc 553 Bekaert CEB Technologies 150 BIC Alliance 217 BIS TEPSCO INC 233 Blackmer 948 Boerger, LLC 900 Brand Energy & Infrastructure Svcs 321 Brodie International 405 Brown-Minneapolis Tank Co 251 Bullard Company 656 Burner Combustion Systems LLC 936 C&C Welding Inc 811 Caldwell Tanks 643 Cameron Valves & Measurement 919 CAPE Inc 701 Carbis Inc 909 CarboVac 102 Century Group Inc 856 Chemguard 741 Chemtec Energy Services Inc 601 Chicago Bridge & Iron Company 908 Clean Harbors Environmental Svcs 910 Conestoga-Rover & Associates Inc 328 Conservatek Industries Inc 412 Consolidated Inc 748 Control Systems International 124 Corrigan Consulting Inc 745 Corrosion Control Inc 229 Corrpro 507 Daniel Measurement & Control 326 Dearman Systems Inc 255 Dehumidification Technologies Inc 116 Delta Consultants 824 Denso North America 106 Determan Brownie Inc 915 DGI-Menard, Inc 519 Divicom USA 123 Dixon Valve & Coupling Company 722 DJA Inspection Services Inc 653 Don Miller & Associates, Inc. 252 Dresser Pressure Regulation Group 621 Ed Martin & Associates 301 Emco Wheaton USA Inc 507 Emerson Process Management 709 Enardo, an HMT Company 448 Entessa Inc 227 Envent Corporation 721 Envirocon Systems Inc 445 ESDC Engineering 823 Evergreen Industrial Services 752 FCC Environmental 751 Field Specialties (FSI) 625 Fisher Tank Company 109 Flexible Lifeline Systems 240 Fluxo Petroleum Services Ltd 537 FMC Technologies Inc 907 Fort Vale Engineering LTD 650 Franklin Valve LP 523 Gas Equipment Co Inc 501 Gauging Systems Inc 725 GE Analytical Instruments 820 GEM Mobile Treatment Services 440 Gencor Industries, Inc. 521 General Atomics Electronic Sys Inc 956 Global Therm 444 Green Access/Benko Products Inc 916 Greenberry Industrial 620 Groth Corporation 932 Groundwater & Environmental Svcs 234 Halcrow 135 Hammonds Technical Services 947 Hayward Baker 704 Heatec Inc 819 Hemco Industries Inc 934 Heritage Environmental Services 609 HMT Inc 417 Honeywell Enraf Americas Inc 736 Horiba Instruments Inc 717 Hose Master Inc. 951 InduMar Products Inc 953 Industrial Gas Technology Inc 920 Industrial Info Resources Inc 138 Industrial Maintenance Group Inc. 126 Industrial Surfacing Corp 757 Innospec Fuel Specialties 410 Insultherm Inc 605 Insultherm Inc 136 International Paint LLC 648 International Tank Service Inc 853 Jensen Mixers International 942 Jogler Inc 142 John M Ellsworth Co Inc 707 John Zink Company LLC 637 Jordan Technologies Inc 504 Kanon Loading Equipment 108 Kelley Construction Inc 922 Knighthawk Engineering 101 L & J Technologies 808 Lide Industries, Inc 343 Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc 731 Liquid Controls 508 Liquip International Pty Limited 552 Loikits Industrial Services Inc 420 Long Industries 917 Ludeca Inc 407 M & J Valve - An SPX Brand 857 M. L. Smith Jr Inc 803 Mascoat Products 549 Mass Technology Corporation 816 Matrix Inspection & Engineering Inc 437 Matrix Service Company 950 Mayes Coating Inc 436 Mesa Rubber Company 137 Metro Pumps and Systems Inc 724 MFE Enterprises Incorporated 104 Midwestern Services Inc 649 MISTRAS Services/Conam 357 Mix Brothers Tank Services Inc 738 MMC International Corporation 904 MMI Tank Inc 837 Mobley Industrial Services Inc 835 MTS Systems Corp Sensors Div 349 MultiTherm LLC 901 Net Safety Monitoring 550 Newson Gale Inc 148 Norit Americas Inc 657 Novaflex Industries 442 O'Briens Response Management Inc 912 OCV Control Valves 555 Odessa Pumps and Equipment 949 Oil, Gas & Petrochem/PennWell 841 Oil Mop LLC 206 Oilco Liquid Handling Systems 107 Omntec Mfg Inc 233 OPW Fluid Transfer Group 700 Orion Marine Group 833 Pala-Interstate LLC 100 Paratherm Corporation 924 Paso Robles Tank Inc 152 Pat Tank 120 PCA Engineering Inc 813 Pelican Worldwide 756 Petrochem Inspection Services Inc 732 Philadelphia Mixing Solutions 110 Phoenix Contact 350 Pigs Unlimited International Inc 250 PLS Construction Inc 844 Pneumercator Co Inc 256 Polystar Inc 356 Port Security Services Inc 401 Praxair Services Inc 157 Precision Filtration Products 151 Primary Steel LLC 913 Prime Engineering Inc 845 ProAct Services Corporation 517 Protectoseal Company The 825 Protego (USA) Inc 452 PURGIT 549 RAGWORM 450 Rawell Environmental Ltd 257 River 236 Rocky Mountain Fabrication 507 Rosemount Tank Gauging NA Inc 223 Rosen 416 Rotork Controls Inc 635 ST Hudson Engineers Inc 623 Saybolt LP 750 Schroeder Environ Cleaning Svcs 316 Scully Signal Company 141 SedCon Technologies Inc 940 SET Industrial Services Inc 906 SGS North America 952 Shanghai Aile Petroleum Equip Mfg 249 Siemens Industry Inc 145 Smith Tank & Steel Inc 133 Solidification Products Int'l Inc 146 Solutia Inc 341 Solution Foundry 244 SOS Rubber International Inc 801 Spade Corporation 911 StocExpo 122 Storage Terminal Magazine 946 Straight Line Insulation LP 243 Strobel Starostka Construction 154 STV Incorporated 730 Superior Industrial Maintenance Co 918 Tampa Tank Inc 727 Tank Builders Inc 817 Tankscan, a div of ATEK Products LLC 210 TCI Services Inc 457 TechCorr 322 Technip Offshore Inc 117 Telvent DTN 337 Temcor 228 TESCO/Symex Americas 245 TesTex Inc 807 Texon 821 Tnemec Company Inc 945 Total Control Systems 840 TriStar PetroServ Inc 118 Tulsa Engineering Alliance Inc 902 Turco Valve Supply Inc 222 Tyco Thermal Controls 134 UCI 631 Ultraflote Corporation 955 US Environmental Protection Agency 319 US Tank Protectors Inc 129 Vacono Aluminum Covers GmbH 500 Valve Concepts Inc 650 Valve Systems and Controls 201 Varec Inc 926 Veolia ES Industrial Services Inc 618 Volcanic Heater Inc 422 W L Walker Co Inc 242 W T Byler Co LP 826 WeamcoMetric 144 Western Valve 127 Wilks Enterprise Inc 351 Williams Fire & Hazard Control 806 Worldwide Oilfield Machine 557 XL Industrial Services Inc 805 XOS 616 Zerust Oil & Gas
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