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ATEK introduces TankScan TSC Fuel Inventory System

July 17, 2019
ATEK Access Technologies recently launched the TankScan TSC Fuel Inventory System.

ATEK Access Technologies recently launched the TankScan TSC Fuel Inventory System.

The company said TankScan TSC connects to existing ATG systems and transmits the tank data to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP).

“Many of our customers are fuel jobbers supplying fuel to gas stations which utilize underground tanks,” said Brad Briggs, director of product development at ATEK. “Those stores are often locally managed with an automatic tank-gauging system to meet EPA requirements for leak detection. The new TSC connects to the existing ATG system and sends the tank level data to the AIP. There the information is stored and evaluated to provide trending data and condition-based alerts, allowing the store manager and fuel jobber to better service their customers.”

The TSC system allows fuel jobbers to better manage fuel deliveries, avoid run-outs and optimize fuel purchases while also reducing trucking-related costs, enhancing inventory management, improving customer service and optimizing their profitability, ATEK claimed.

With the AIP, customers can remotely monitor one to 100,000 tanks because AIP provides tank level information anywhere an internet connection is available, via computer, tablet or smartphone. The user-friendly dashboard displays accurate measurements across all monitored tanks, enabling users to utilize the intelligence to optimize business decisions around operations and logistics by knowing when tanks need to be serviced, ATEK said.

“Planning fluid deliveries and pickups can be cumbersome, but when given the latest level information at your fingertips, we can help our customers ensure optimal route efficiencies and maximum customer service,” Briggs said.

The TSC system will connect to all common models of automatic tank-gauging systems on the market, making the ATG-generated data available to any internet connected device, and to any number of users involved with the management of the store or stores, the company maintained. Anyone involved in the supply chain can be granted access to alerts and visibility to data.

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