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LEDs from TRP Aftermarket Parts

TRP Aftermarket Parts offers a special line of LED lighting products manufactured for use in all Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, tractors, and trailers.

“TRP light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products are tested for durability and long service life,” said Everett Seymoure, global manager for TRP. “The manufacturing process uses ultraviolet resistant polycarbonate lenses and a high diode count. This results in stop, turn and tail lamps that make vehicles easier to see.”

The circuitry on TRP LEDs is compact and uses 85% less electrical power than equivalent incandescent lamps, which means operators can add additional lights without overtaxing the electrical system. Since the diodes are mechanically connected to the light's foundation and not soldered on, LEDs don't have issues associated with intense heat.

The circuit board effectively dissipates heat from the diode producing a more intense light without risking damage to the diode. “In fact, if a TRP LED lamp were left on constantly for a full 100,000 hours, it would still meet safety regulations for brightness after 10 years,” Seymoure said.

These LEDs have no filament to break, and the lens and housing are completely sealed. Durable polycarbonate makes the lenses resistant to impact damage.

TRP LED lights come in a variety of colors including clear (white), red, amber, green, blue, and purple for interior lighting and will not fade or change color overtime. They are provided with a 10-year limited warranty.

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