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Kenan Advantage Group truck Ken Kieley Jr/KAG

KAG commits to Omnitracs’ fleet management platform

The Kenan Advantage Group (KAG), the largest tank truck transporter in North America, recently committed to the next-generation driver experiences and back-office efficiencies provided by Omnitracs One.

KAG has utilized Omnitracs to ensure safety in its tank truck fleet since 2009, Omnitracs said. Now the two companies are moving into the next chapter of their relationship with KAG’s commitment to Omnitracs’ comprehensive fleet management platform.

“KAG’s focus on automating the in-cab experience for our drivers led us to fully evaluate the market,” said Charlie DeLacey, chief financial officer at KAG. “We’ve been a satisfied customer of Omnitracs’ solutions for 10 years and have elected to reinvest in the Omnitracs One platform and specifically the intuitive driver experience.

“KAG believes that Omnitracs is the right partner for our future.”

By committing to the Omnitracs One platform, Omnitracs says KAG will address key initiatives, including:

  • Improving the driver’s quality of life through a mobile-based, driver-centric workflow experience that reduces training and eliminates wasted time
  • Capturing data and applying analytics that provide better insights into assets, drivers and operations throughout the fleet
  • Managing fleet operations from a single, centralized platform that boasts unlimited configurability, security, flexibility and scalability

“Omnitracs is committed to providing superior solutions that help our customers succeed in addressing their internal needs as well as the external demands of the market,” said Ray Greer, chief executive officer at Omnitracs.

“With the modern and automated workflow capabilities enabled by the Omnitracs One platform, KAG will offer a truly advanced yet simple driver experience for today and the future.”

Visit to learn more about Omnitracs’ new workflow capabilities.

To learn more about the company’s next-gen IoT fleet management platform, visit

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