Peterbilt unveils ‘legendary’ new Model 589

May 10, 2023
The traditionally styled, long-hood 589—which replaces the 389 after 10 years of research and design—features a more spacious cab, rectangular grille mesh, and 15-in. external air cleaners, and is 'unmistakably' a Pete

FORT WORTH, Texas—A new legend dawned Tuesday night inside the track at the Texas Motor Speedway, where Peterbilt unveiled the Model 589 after 10 years of research, customer outreach, and engineering design.

“In a word—it is legendary,” Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager, told the Peterbilt faithful who filled the track lawn.

Skoog referenced Peterbilt’s history of “purpose-built” innovation dating to 1939, and the first traditionally styled, long-hood trucks, which debuted in 1954 with the Model 351, and continued in the 359, 379, and the 389 introduced in 2007. They informed the design of the 589, which “carries the mantel of Peterbilt pride and class.”

The 589 replaces the 389, only after years of interviews with owner-operators, and small and large fleet managers at truck stops and trade shows, Skoog explained.

“Through those interactions we confirmed what our customers most value in the Peterbilt product—distinction, customization, and very importantly, a true connection to that Peterbilt heritage,” Skoog said. “The design and engineering team was charged with staying true to that heritage while migrating our traditional product line to the same wider (2.1-meter) cab you find on our Models 567 and 579. These are the newest cabs in the industry with best-in-class quality, fit and finish, and driver comfort. At every step of the way, the concepts were meticulously scrutinized to ensure they looked like a traditional Peterbilt.

“The Model 589 is unmistakably Peterbilt.”

Key features include a low and long, all-aluminum, multi-piece hood with a wraparound crown and triple-grille bars. The hood is assembled with classic huck rivets, creating a horizontal line that carries all the way through the door, lending itself “beautifully” to custom paint schemes, and the 589 reintroduces rectangular grille mesh from past models. The truck also boasts iconic pod headlights, cast polished aluminum bird, and bicycle fenders.

And their "finest achievement," Skoog said, are the 15-in. external air cleaners.

“These are the real deal,” he said.

The door design is exclusive to the Model 589, presenting a clean surface and custom lines that emphasize the truck’s low and long appearance, and the classic “West Coast-style” mirrors are larger for enhanced visibility. Inside, the 589 boasts a “more spacious driver environment” with modern conveniences, like automatic climate control. All 389 sleeper configurations are available with the 589 and include more storage and “bold” styling accents.

Peterbilt also unveiled a 589 with a special “legendary” package available at launch that includes scripted spears on the side of the hood, polished fenders and bright rockers, unique interior badging on the door pads and dash, and special seating stitching. “It’s the perfect blend of the themes of past and future, and pride and class,” Skoog said.

“What a beautiful truck.”

Specifications were not available to the media at the reveal. Look for additional coverage from Wednesday's ride-and-drive opportunity here.

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