Peterbilt completes air disc brake standardization on Model 579

Dec. 20, 2017
Peterbilt completes air disc brake standardization on Model 579

Peterbilt Motors Company announced that rear disc brakes are now available on Peterbilt Model 579 completing the standardization of disc brakes for this model.

In 2012 Peterbilt introduced the Model 579 with front disc brakes as part of its leadership to increase driver safety and reduce stopping distance. With the addition of rear disc brakes, Peterbilt has been able to further reduce stopping distance.

“Safety is one of the driving forces in our industry and we are continually evaluating how we can improve the driver experience,” said Robert Woodall, assistant general manager–sales and marketing, Peterbilt Motors Company. “Combining front and rear disc brakes is a testament to our commitment to providing the safest trucks on the road.”

The inclusion of rear disc brakes further exemplifies Peterbilt’s dedication to safety and superior drive performance through meeting its customers’ various application needs. Air disc brakes offer precise brake adjustment, better force distribution, even pad wear, and reduced brake fade. In addition to exemplary performance, air disc brakes are ideal for fleets that require light-weight, fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition to the disc brake standardization, Peterbilt has made significant investments and commitments to safety, such as, adding standard options that include electronic stability control, Bendix Wingman and first in class lighting systems that increase visibility and headlamp coverage.

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