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International Truck taps PIT Group for fuel efficiency testing

Dec. 13, 2017
International Truck taps PIT Group for fuel efficiency testing

PIT Group, a research and engineering group focused on improving fleet maintenance and operations in the North American transportation industry, announced it was chosen by International Truck to test the fuel efficiency of its newest truck model and engine.

“International Truck commissioned PIT Group to test its new LT Series tractor and A26 engine after taking part in the In-Service Fuel Testing we conducted last year for a large PIT Group fleet member,” said Yves Provencher director, market and business development at PIT Group. “They trusted our unbiased fuel efficiency testing capabilities after witnessing the credibility of our processes in that evaluation of a variety of tractor and powertrain combinations. PIT Group is proud of its involvement in a project of this magnitude.”

Dwayne O Haug, business development at PIT Group and head of its US operations, said: “We appreciate that International Truck recognized the value of our testing procedures and the professionalism of our team. Our growing operations in the United States are the result of our credibility with a wide range of OEMs and manufacturers. We look forward to working with more trucking industry suppliers to validate the fuel efficiency of their technologies.”

For International Truck, the PIT Group tested the fuel efficiency of its new LT Series 625 Class 8 tractor and A26 engine against competitive tractors with similar specifications. For the test, PIT Group procured 2018 model year vehicles with 2017 GHG compliant engines. The 6x4 tractors were fitted with full aerodynamics and pulled 53-ft van trailers with side skirts.

The test followed TMC Fuel Economy Test Procedure--Type IV (RP 1109B) consisting of three valid test runs. The 341-mile test route covered flat and hilly terrain and was divided into two segments, with the midpoint being situated at 173 miles from the start. Trailers and drivers paired with tractors in the first test segment were switched to the other tractors during the following segment.

Fuel consumption was also measured by weighing portable tanks before and after each run, according to TMC Fuel Consumption Test Procedure--Type III (RP1103A). Gravimetric measurement of fuel consumption according to TMC Type III procedure is more precise and accurate than volumetric measurement, as it is not affected by temperature variances.

Since 2007, PIT Group has evaluated the fuel efficiency of over 280 technologies for manufacturers across North America. Included are trucks, tractors, trailer aerodynamic devices, tires and wheel balancing systems, tarp systems for dump trailers, fuel, oil and gear lube additives, and alignment and tire pressure settings.

“Fuel costs remain the second greatest source of expense in the transportation industry,” said Haug. “We work closely with both manufacturers and fleets to help them improve fuel efficiency, and we believe these results will be of great interest to fleets looking to reduce costs and grow the bottom line.”