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Meritor shows aftermarket tools and parts

Aug. 24, 2016
Meritor unveiled an array of products and services at HDAW. They included:

Meritor unveiled an array of products and services at HDAW. They included:

• The Meritor SimpleCheck air brake stroke tool. The new Meritor AllFit SimpleCheck air brake stroke measurement tool is now standard with every Meritor automatic slack adjuster. Installed at the base of the air brake chamber pushrod, the SimpleCheck disc provides an accurate marker for visual inspections of applied chamber stroke on cam brake-equipped vehicles. SimpleCheck helps to quickly identify out-of adjustment. The tool also reduces pre-trip inspection time and the need for drivers to perform under-the-trailer inspections for air brake stroke verification.

• Educational videos. A new collection of videos is available to help inform fleets, owner-operators and drivers on preparing their vehicles for compliance, safety, accountability (CSA) roadside inspections. Part of Meritor’s ongoing “Cover Your Assets” (C.Y.A.) educational campaign, the “C.Y.A.with CSA Video Series” focuses on key violations. It also includes expert inspection advice on pre-trip preparation to identify and correct component issues prior to departure.

• Meritor AllFit premium gears. They are now available for high-torque applications through the company’s Drivetrain Direct program. Produced by European manufacturers, the premium gears are manufactured with tighter tolerances and improved metallurgical properties. The premium gears offer the ”better” option when considering good-better-best all-makes gearing and provide rebuilders an ideal midrange alternative for carrier and transmission rebuilds. With the addition of the Meritor AllFit premium gears, the Drivetrain Direct program now features full differential gearing coverage for all makes of axles.

• Meritor wheel-end components catalog. Meritor announced a new catalog for wheel-end components covering the company’s wheel bearing adjustment system, wheel seals (premium and standard), hubcaps and other popular portfolio offerings. In addition to full part numbers, the full-color catalog contains specification information on preload, dimensions of Meritor wheel seals and hubcaps, specification and application information for Meritor and Timken MileMate wheel-end bearings, competitive cross references for nine different competitors, along with Meritor warranty program information.

• Updated catalog for Euclid air brake parts. Meritor’s expanded Euclid foundation air brake parts catalog now includes complete line of brake and wheel-end parts in one reference piece.

For additional information about any of the new Meritor products and services, visit www.meritor.com.