DTNA Offers SmartValve data code for new vehicles

June 1, 2016

Daimler Trucks North America now provides its truck customers with an option that makes drop-and-hook operations faster, easier, and safer. Customers can specify the Hadley SmartValve, replacing the standard leveling valve, using data code, 888-082. 

Freightliner is the first manufacturer to respond to this market demand with an active data code. The award-winning SmartValve was introduced to the industry for retrofit in 2013, appealing to truck drivers and fleet managers alike. Since then, truck operators have expressed an overwhelming preference for SmartValve, and its unique features.

For the driver, the SmartValve greatly reduces back strain and injuries. Drivers don’t struggle against the weight of the trailer when cranking landing gear. Fleets benefit further through dramatically reduced workers’ compensation, improving driver satisfaction and reducing turnover rates.

 “The Hadley SmartValve was developed to enhance driver comfort and safety”, said Jim Green, president of Hadley. “For the Fleet owners the cost savings and driver satisfaction are an added bonus.  We are excited to see the SmartValve now be accessible to even more drivers and fleets.”

The data code is for use at Freightliner’s PDI centers. Contact your Freightliner sales person and request code 888-082.