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Peterbilt’s new Model 589 now available to order

Aug. 11, 2023
‘Legendary’ successor to the iconic 389 set to begin production in January 2024 at the truck manufacturer’s factory in Denton, Texas.

Peterbilt’s new Model 589 now is available for customer orders.

The “legendary” 589 was introduced in May and is the successor to the iconic 389.

“Anticipation for this truck is running high,” Jake Montero, Peterbilt assistant general manager of sales and marketing, said in a news release. “Customers are eager to experience first-hand the premium features and unmistakable presence of the Model 589. The 589 will be the top choice for customers in this segment.”

The 589 features classic Peterbilt styling, including a wrap-around aluminum grille crown, stainless steel grille, an aluminum hood with 121-in. or 131-in. BBC, dual stainless steel external air cleaners and pod-mounted headlights. It can be configured as a daycab or a sleeper in 44-in., 58-in., 72-in., or 80-in. options. The interior of the first 589 Model 589s will be enhanced with an individually numbered commemorative plate installed on the passenger side dash.

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A distinctive legendary package that showcases Peterbilt’s heritage also is available. It includes the original script logo from 1939, along with bright spears on the side of the hood, polished fenders, and bright rocker panels.

“The Model 589 represents the essence of the Peterbilt brand in terms of styling and driver appeal,” added Jason Skoog, PACCAR vice president and Peterbilt general manager. “The enhanced comfort, technology and performance of the Model 589 will benefit owner-operators, as well as help our customers recruit and retain drivers.

“I look forward to seeing the Model 589 on the roads of North America.”

Customers can place orders for the 589 through any of Peterbilt’s 425-plus dealer locations in North America. Production begins January 2024 at Peterbilt’s factory in Denton, Texas.