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Kenworth C500 adds ESP option

March 30, 2021
Bendix's Electronic Stability Program now available on OEM’s largest workhorse truck for off-road, heavy-haul

Kenworth recently made the Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program available as an option for the Kenworth C500.

The Kenworth C500 is Kenworth’s largest workhorse truck with a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) up to 500,000 pounds. It can be used for a variety of tough off-road and heavy-haul applications, Kenworth said.

The Bendix stability system for the Kenworth C500 comes with the Bendix 6S/6M configuration, which has six sensors and six modulators, and includes Bendix Smart ATC Automatic Traction Control and Bendix ESP.

The Bendix technology is designed to help stabilize the vehicle during loss of control situations on dry, wet, snow and ice-covered roadways. In addition to using sensors that monitor lateral acceleration, as found on some roll-only systems, the Bendix ESP full-stability system also uses sensors to monitor steering angle and vehicle direction. This allows for detection of a vehicle’s impending loss of stability and automatic intervention through de-throttling of the engine and selective application of tractor steer and drive axle brakes, along with trailer brakes, helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in a variety of situations.

Bendix notes that its safety technologies complement safe driving practices and are not intended to enable or encourage aggressive driving. No commercial vehicle safety technology replaces a skilled, alert driver exercising safe driving techniques and proactive, comprehensive driver training. Responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle remains with the driver at all times.

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