Wilden adds 76 mm (3”) full-stroke integral piston diaphragm pump

Feb. 4, 2015

Wilden, part of PSG, a Dover Company and a worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, is pleased to announce the release of its 76-mm (3”) size Full-Stroke Integral Piston Diaphragm (FSIPD). The new 76 mm (3”) FSIPD is ideal for use in Wilden’s Saniflo FDA pumps, as well as its Original, Advanced, and Advanced FIT series of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps.

Wilden 76 mm (3”) diaphragms are well suited for hygienic applications because they are constructed of foodgrade Wil-Flex (Santoprene). Unlike conventional diaphragms, the integral piston is completely encapsulated within the TPE material, meaning there is no outer piston that can trap fluid and particles. The result is a durable, highly cleanable diaphragm assembly that features a large integral piston and a full-stroke shaft that enables it to maintain the same stroke length as conventional Wilden diaphragms. The diaphragm’s full-stroke design increases product displacement per stroke, which translates into improved suction lift, greater flow rates and higher efficiencies than experienced when using pumps that operate with reduced stroke diaphragms.

Features and benefits of the new Wilden 76 mm (3”) FSIPD model include:

• Full-stroke, FDA-compliant Wil-Flex, sanitary, integral-piston design

• No adhesive used in construction of FSIPD

• Elimination of outer piston abrasion--a leading cause of diaphragm failure

• Temperature range from -40°C to 107°C (-40°F to 225°F)

• Meets the requirements of FDA CRF 21.177, EHEDG and 3A

For more information on Wilden diaphragms, please visit www.WildenDiaphragms.com.