Velociti Inc, Meritor partner on automatic tire inflation system retrofit effort

March 1, 2017

Velociti Inc and Meritor are partnering to retrofit existing trailers with the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI. Velociti is offering deferred billing in combination with an extended payment plan that effectively utilizes the savings generated by the tire inflation system to pay for the solution.

This turnkey solution offers ATIS hardware, retrofit installation, and 24/7 remote monitoring/event reporting via telematics integration.

“Fleets recognize that automatic tire inflation systems provide proven, significant savings,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti. “In spite of this, most fleets only adopt ATIS on new trailers at the time of purchase. This approach results in fleets missing out on the benefits of ATIS for large portions of their fleet.”

According to Powell, the most common reasons fleets do not retrofit existing trailers with ATIS are budget constraints and concerns that the logistics of installing ATIS is too great a task. Velociti’s new “Instant ROI for ATIS” program addresses those concerns head-on. The approach Velociti takes by deferring billing during the installation portion of the project, plus extending payment terms on the entire package, allows for a fleet-wide ATIS program that provides immediate and sustained savings on fuel, tread wear, maintenance and downtime. Those proceeds pay for the program while continuing to provide ongoing savings across the fleet. Another added value Velociti offers is system health monitoring of the ATIS technology as part of its industry leading VelociCare program, which provides comprehensive support of fleet technology solutions.

Powell said Velociti is pleased to be partnering with Meritor for its new program because of the company’s established industry presence and reputation for providing high-quality, sustainable products. “MTIS is a proven tire inflation system and an ideal retrofit solution for fleets looking to increase tire life and fuel economy,” he said.