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Gardner Denver expands liquid transfer solutions

July 10, 2024
Newly introduced GD360 is a bolt-and-go system that integrates a piston compressor, hydraulic cooler, and product pump for seamless power and performance.

Gardner Denver recently launched the new GD360 liquid bulk package, a bolt-and-go solution designed to elevate the efficiency of liquid transfer processes. The GD360 integrates the GD70 piston compressor, a hydraulic cooler, and either a gear or vane product pump—all in one easy-to-install package.

The GD360 delivers powerful performance and gives operators flexibility, with an optional auxiliary model capable of up to 30 gpm and 3,000 psi for running additional hydraulically driven equipment on the tractor/trailer.

Key features and benefits of the GD360 package include:

  • Forward and reverse variable speed pump control as standard with easy-to-grip control handle.
  • Quiet, all-stainless-steel enclosure for up to 5 dBA of noise reduction and elite corrosion resistance.
  • Simultaneous pump/compressor operation capability for faster offloading; no need to stop pumping to re-pressurize.
  • Staggered, spacious pump connections for easy hook up and detachment.
  • A compressor airflow indicator allowing the operator to adjust to known positions.
  • Simple push/pull compressor activation knob.
  • Lightest-weight package on the market, as light as 402 lbs. (standard package with HGP125 gear pump).
  • Drill or no-drill mounting options.
“The GD360 was designed for cost-effective installation and hassle-free serviceability,” the company said in a news release. “The GD360’s bolt-and-go design drastically reduces installation time to under four hours—far less than traditional systems that can take up to 36 hours. Traditional systems often require brackets and hydraulic hoses made for each system component, accumulating numerous hours of shop labor.”

The GD360 also is easy to service, Gardner Denver said. Routine maintenance like air filter replacement and hydraulic oil filling requires no tools, and a socket wrench is all that is needed for the hydraulic oil filter. No draining is necessary. An annual service kit also is available for purchase. Each kit includes a relief valve, synthetic compressor oil, a hydraulic oil filter element, and an air filter element.

The GD360 comes with a standard warranty consisting of 12 months from date of initial use or 18 months from date of shipment from the company’s manufacturing facility, whichever occurs first. This warranty covers all major components such as the compressor, hydraulic cooler, and product pump, as well as all other package components.

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