TSE Brakes introduces Visi-Chek visual brake stroke indicator

Feb. 10, 2016
Find TSE Brakes introduces Visi-Chek visual brake stroke indicator

TSE Brakes Inc is introducing the TSE Visi-Chek visual brake stroke indicator (patent pending). Now it is easy to see if vehicle brake stroke is in compliance. A simple green is good; red means further inspection is required.

"This new product allows anyone, from drivers to maintenance people, to check brake stroke simply by looking to see if the indicator shows green,” says Ian Shackleton, TSE Brakes director, North American OEM sales and marketing. It is very easy to install. It just snaps in place. Now you can detect improper brake strokes before a random DOT inspection.”

With Visi-Chek, checking brake stroke is easy. If you see green, then the system is okay. When only red is visible, further inspection is required. The indicator is designed to be easy to read even in low light conditions where brake chambers are located.

Five part numbers handle the majority of TSE Brakes applications. Each package contains two units to handle one axle, an instruction sticker to place on the vehicle, and simple installation instructions. Bulk packaging is also available. Product will be available throughout the TSE Brakes extensive OEM and aftermarket dealer network.