Eco-flaps adds 18-inch-wide splash guard

Jan. 20, 2015

Andersen Flaps has expanded its aerodynamic Eco-flaps splash guard line with the addition of an 18-inch-wide splash guard that can be paired with wide-base tires.

Available in custom lengths, the new 18-inch-wide splash guard is backed by Eco-flaps’ standard two-year warranty. The custom length option means less surface blocking airflow behind these tires, allowing better highway fuel economy. Shorter-length flaps also reduce the risk of catching when backing over curbs.

The new splash guard offers the same innovative design that reduces wind resistance (drag) to improve highway fuel economy. It reduces excessive road spray by redirecting airborne water to the pavement rather than into passing or trailing vehicle’s lines-of-sight.

This new size of Eco-flaps splash guards is manufactured of the same durable, high-impact nylon as all Eco-flaps. The high-grade nylon enables them to withstand extreme conditions and provide longer life.

The new splash guard will be available early in 2015. For more information, access or call 866-543-5277.