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Grote expands 4SEE smart trailer system capabilities

Oct. 13, 2023
Lighting equipment supplier to spotlight wired rear-view camera designed with Stoneridge that enables in-cab viewing of video from the back of the trailer during MCE 2023 Oct. 14-17 in Austin

Grote will spotlight the 4SEE smart trailer system’s “first-of-its-kind” rear-view camera system designed in partnership with Stoneridge during the 2023 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition.

The show runs Oct. 14–17 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

“Innovation is part of our DNA,” Dominic Grote, Grote CEO and president, said in a news release. “And since safety is a key tenet of our vision, applying that skill to designing a system that improves safety for both fleets and everyone on the road is a natural outcome for us. I’m proud of the work our team does every day to innovate and to live our mission, vision, and values.”

In addition to reefers and dry vans, Grote is also making the benefits of the 4SEE smart trailer system available to flatbed and, soon, tank trailers.

“We are excited about the benefits 4SEE will bring to the entire range of fleet trailers,” the company relayed to Bulk Transporter. “The harness system is universal and the nose box we are introducing for flatbeds will bring the benefits of 4SEE to tankers as well.”

Visitors to Grote’s MCE booth will be able to interact with the wired rear-view camera now in production. This system is the first wired rear-view camera connected through the standard J560 7-way connector to enable video from the back of the trailer directly to a video display in the cab, with virtually no latency, the company stated.

4SEE’s goal is to evolve its trailer electrical wiring and LED lighting systems into a digital network with technological advances focused on enhancing safety in the smart trailer industry. Grote’s system integrates smart technology from leading component suppliers and connects all modules on the trailer via the backward-compatible 4SEE Digital Harness, enabling all nodes to communicate on a single system. The 4SEE nose box integrates all component data from the trailer, allowing it to be transmitted directly to the driver, cloud, or third-party telematics provider.

In addition to reefers and dry vans, Grote is also making the benefits of the 4SEE smart trailer system available to flatbed trailers.

By continuing to expand the availability, features, and capabilities of the 4SEE system, Grote is working to make the world safer and smarter through connected visibility, the company stated in a release.