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Coxreels equipment shines in salt spray testing

June 18, 2021
Company’s powder-coated materials resist corrosion 20% longer than industry standard, according to independent lab test

Coxreels says it powder coatings exceed industry standards for corrosion resistance.

Powder coating is used for many industrial applications due to its corrosion resistance, and a salt spray test is the oldest test of corrosion resistance, and the most widely preferred for evaluating anti-corrosion coatings.

Coxreels equipment lasted 20% longer than the recommended industry standard during recent salt spray testing, the company said.

The independent lab test measured the corrosion and UV resistance of Coxreels’ powder-coated materials, and results indicated that Coxreels’ products ranked in the top tier of the grading system for both UV and corrosion resistance. With these results, Coxreels’ powder coating is ranked at a higher level than under-hood automotive applications, as well as a standard piece of heavy-duty construction equipment.

“Coxreels is always making continuous improvements to provide the best quality product to our valued customers,” Coxreels concluded.

“The recent milestone in anti-corrosion coatings is no exception.”

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