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TRP offers line of aftermarket HVAC parts

Operators of all makes of trucks and buses can depend on TRP heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) replacement parts. TRP offers a complete line including condensers, compressors, heater cores, receiver dryers, blower motors, and air compressor clutches.

The receiver dryer is designed to store excess refrigerant, filter out contaminants, and absorb moisture. TRP receiver dryers feature a spring-loaded design that keeps desiccant under pressure. This prevents desiccant from moving around and becoming pulverized into a finer powder and escaping from the dryer. Loose desiccant can clog orifice tubes and expansion valves and eventually contaminate the compressor.

The HVAC program also features replacement blower motors that operate to industry specifications, ensuring the windshield defrosts quickly and completely.

The performance and power supply of TRP blower motors match those on original blower motors, so they last as long as the motors they replace and produce the same amount of airflow. TRP blower motors also include radio frequency interference protection.

TRP heater cores provide strong, consistent heating by using a “blend-air” system for temperature control. Cores are made of aluminum alloy, so they’re strong and lighter-weight, a key consideration for truck and bus operators watching their vehicles’ weight.

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