TRALA opposing proposed truck fees in NH

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) is opposing a proposed 25 percent increase in truck registration fees in New Hampshire, according to information from the association.

The proposal is included in House Bill 2, a comprehensive state budget bill, which would raise the registration fees on trucks over 8,000 pounds from 84 cents per hundred pounds to $1.08 per hundred pounds. For some trucks this would mean a $200 per truck increase in registration fees. If passed, the current proposal would become effective in July 2007.

TRALA has contacted every member of the Senate Finance Committee, where HB 2 is currently pending, and expressed its strong opposition to the proposal. TRALA appreciates the leadership of Bob Sculley and the New Hampshire Motor Truck Association in the effort to stop this proposed 25 percent increase in truck registration fees. For more information, e-mail Tom James or telephone 703-299-9120.

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