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Stemco BAT RF products enter next phase

Stemco announces the next phase of RFID (radio frequency identification) sensor-based BAT RF products that use automatic communication modes to collect and manage fleet information. The BAT RF scalable automated sensor system allows fleet managers to capture real-time truck and trailer information.

The BAT RF system incorporates sensors mounted to a vehicle that measure tire pressure, mileage, and the asset's identification. As vehicles enter a “wake-up” field, information is automatically communicated to a web-hosted application from each sensor, providing at a glance information on every piece of equipment in the fleet. WebBAT flags vehicles requiring attention so they can be dealt with immediately. Fleet information can be monitored real-time or reviewed as needed from reports that highlight problem areas.

The AirBAT tire pressure monitor provides warning lights on the wheel to indicate that a tire is under a fleet's specified tire pressure limits. The person responsible for trip inspection can look for the flashing lights to determine what action, if any, is needed. When the sensor is used with the entire BAT RF system, information is captured automatically and can be managed by anyone with access to the Internet.

The TracBAT electronic hubodometer provides mileage collection and can be used to schedule maintenance by mileage activity rather than time. Each unit has a display for visual reading of the mileage.

An asset ID sensor can be used in conjunction with gate control to heighten security measures and prevent unapproved access. Fleet managers will know that the right trailer is coupled with the right tractor and driver.

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