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Steertek becomes standard front steer axle on International ProStar, TranStar

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems officials announce the weight-saving Steertek front steer axle is now standard on International ProStar and TranStar vehicle models. Steertek became the standard offering on the International LoneStar model in 2008.

Based on proprietary design and manufacturing technology, Steertek's fabricated design saves up to 27 pounds compared with traditional I-beam axles and provides outstanding ride and stability.

Its rigid, box-shaped cross section resists horizontal, vertical, and twisting forces more effectively than traditional I-beams, while the patented two-piece knuckle assembly simplifies kingpin bushing serviceability. In addition, integrated steering arm and tie rod attachments increase strength and further reduce weight, providing greater durability and helping reduce maintenance costs.

Steertek is available as part of Hendrickson's Softek system featuring Monoleaf springs. Softek provides a weight savings up to 92 pounds. For a cost-effective system, Steertek can be paired with Hendrickson's two-leaf springs. Customers looking for enhanced ride quality can spec International's MaxxPower front air suspension system, which uses the Steertek axle. Available in capacities up to 14,600 pounds, Steertek is approved for on-highway and medium-duty truck, bus, and motorhome applications.

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