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Reyco Granning forms EV business unit RG evs

Reyco Granning recently announced the launch of the Reyco Granning Electric Vehicle Solutions business unit, RG evs.

“RG evs cements our commitment to the future of heavy vehicle propulsion.” said John Stuart, Reyco president. “We want the industry to know that we already have solutions that are compatible with e-axles and available today for the heavy EV space. We’re not just peddling CAD renderings and concepts.”

Reyco Granning offers a broad suspension portfolio for on-highway heavy vehicles. Products include drive, auxiliary and steer axle suspensions, as well as fully integrated modules with sub-frame, wheel-ends, steering and drive train.

The company recently launched a new air suspension supply and control module called AirMaster. The product utilizes an electronic air compressor and proprietary programming to reduce parasitic power consumption, which it says is ideal for the EV market or any vehicle without an engine-mounted compressor.  

“Reyco Granning has been focused on heavy vehicle suspension technology for nearly 90 years,” said Scott Ames, Reyco’s business development manager. “We don’t have an automotive division to distract us. We don’t sell bumpers or fifth-wheel couplings. We are a pure suspension technology company.”

Reyco Granning’s IFS product range includes applications for GAWRs from 9,000 to 24,000 pounds. The company plans to launch the ComfortMaster IFS with Nitrogen-strut architecture in mid-2019.

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