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PacLease upgrades telematics system

Paccar Leasing Co. (PacLease) is offering PacTrac BLU, an enhancement to the PacTrac telematics system that uses GPS technology, a network of 100-plus wireless carriers, and an Internet connection to deliver real-time data directly from vehicles.

The new upgrade is designed to provide a new, intuitive interface for drivers. The 7-inch, full-color display is easy to read and can impart information quickly at a glance or in very fine detail as needed. BLU brings definitive audio and video capability to the truck cab, making it possible to deliver information to the driver with multimedia impact.

PacTrac BLU soon will deliver spoken, turn-by-turn directions, which are simultaneously shown on a moving map display. New stops and other changes can be made to routes in real time. Going forward, PacTrac BLU will support text-to-speech applications that will enable drivers to hear text messages in an easily understood voice and multiple languages.

E-mail Jennifer Davis at [email protected] for further information.

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