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Oasis offers refuge from wasteful idling

Firefly Energy Inc has announced that the first pre-production versions of its BCI Group 31 truck battery — to be marketed under the new name Oasis — will be available for review and testing during the first quarter of 2008.

The company said its Oasis battery will primarily be used when the truck's diesel engine is turned off, and provide up to 50 percent longer run-times when powering accessories that collectively make up a truck's “hotel loads.”

This battery will have a sealed valve-regulated design. The primary characteristic of the first Firefly Energy lead acid battery is the inclusion of a high surface area, non-corrodible and lightweight carbon foam material. Firefly Energy's 3D carbon foam unleashes the high power potential of lead acid chemistry which was impossible to achieve in the past. This technology not only reduces the lead content making the batteries smaller and lighter, but also enables faster, deeper and more reliable discharges and recharges. This significantly extends the battery's life, and it makes it more environmentally friendly and less expensive than lithium and nickel battery chemistries.

The Oasis battery will offer continuous power through the discharge process, a fast recharge to 100 percent capacity, excellent vibration resistance and greater cold-starting capabilities. Typical battery life is extended since sulfation is reduced. When tested in cold-weather extremes at minus 20° C, the batteries were capable of delivering above 65 percent of their rated “room temperature” capacity compared with 20 percent or less for standard Group 31 batteries.

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