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Natural gas truck fueling station opens near ports

The world’s largest natural gas truck fueling station, designed and built by Clean Energy Fuels Corp, is now open for business on a 2.9-acre site adjacent to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles CA.

This new public access station, configured to fuel trucks on a 24/7 basis, features two 25,000-gallon liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks, six LNG dispensers, and two compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensers. The Clean Energy station is on property leased from the Port of Long Beach at Anaheim and I streets. It is specifically designed to support the goals of the San Pedro Bay Ports’ Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) and Clean Truck programs.

The ports’ CAAP and Clean Truck programs call for the retirement or conversion of old diesel trucks entering the ports in favor of new diesel and alternative fuel (natural gas) trucks. Natural gas vehicle fuel provides lower emissions than gasoline and diesel, including up to a 23% reduction in greenhouse gases in medium- and heavy-duty applications and up to 30% reductions for light-duty vehicles.

The new station is the second that Clean Energy has opened in the area to serve port drayage trucks. The first, operational since December 2007, is near the ports at Southern Counties Express, a major port-trucking firm. This station supplies approximately 10,000 gallons of LNG fuel daily.

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