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Meritor WABCO components help TransWood operate more efficiently

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems announced a key customer relationship with TransWood Inc. that demonstrates the company's efforts to help fleets improve safety and operate more efficiently. TransWood has equipped every tractor/trailer combination in its fleet of 600-plus vehicles with Meritor WABCO's braking control and stability components.

Components being used by the fleet include the company's ABS, which is diagnosed without additional equipment, tools, or supplies. When service is required, the design allows for replacement of individual components to keep costs down. Other advanced diagnostic PC tools, like the DataMaster and TOOLBOX Software, are providing the fleet more complete troubleshooting, repair, and general vehicle information.

Trailer-tractor information sharing or “trailer intelligence” is also becoming an integral part of the trucking industry. With Meritor WABCO's InfoLink 1 system, with which TransWood has outfitted about one-third of its trucks, they are able to monitor everything from tire pressure to truck speed to fuel status.

Another technology saving TransWood from unnecessary spending every year is the company's stability control system. With Meritor WABCO technologies, stability control and collision safety are feasible via a single-brake ABS electronic control unit (ECU) versus having “add-on” systems.

“ABS is the foundation of our system, which now includes OnGuard Collision Safety System, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Roll Stability Control (RSC), and advanced diagnostics and communications capabilities,” said Mark Melletat, senior manager, marketing and customer service for Meritor WABCO. “Our components are engineered to evolve, build onto and enhance one another — we call this the ‘Pyramid of Safety’”.

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