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Mack starts DPF remanufacturing program

Mack Trucks Inc. launched a large-scale program to remanufacture diesel particulate filters (DPF) for the trucking industry. The program will operate out of the Middletown Remanufacturing Center (MRC) in Middletown PA.

DPFs use ceramic filter elements to trap and contain particulate matter in engine exhaust. Particulates are reduced to a fine ash that must be periodically cleaned from the filter element, usually every few hundred thousand miles in normal operation. Mack's DPF design allows the filter element to be quickly and easily removed for service, and a replacement filter readily substituted. This reduces time and cost associated with DPF servicing.

The DPFs are remanufactured to more than 90% of their original capacity. The remanufacturing process begins by blowing air across the filter element and removing ash and contaminants via a powerful vacuum. Filters with a high level of oil or particulate buildup are baked in state-of-the-art industrial ovens to further reduce ash and contaminants.

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